DJ SEO & Online Marketing Case Study

Generate 25+ Leads A Month!


25 Leads X $1,000 per Gig X 40% Closing Rate = $10,000 More Revenue Every Month!


Here’s how we will make you more money:

 Step 1: Get more leads from your existing website traffic

 Step 2: Increase your website visitors by increasing your Google ranking

 Step 3: Drive more targeted customers to your site using Facebook Ads

Analytics Traffic

Ok, so the secret of the internet is well known, but what are you doing to capitalize on the abundance of new customers looking for your services?  Do you even know how many people use Google each month to look for the services, let alone the keywords they are using?

Chances are, even if you’re active online, your efforts are scattered, lack focus, and are not delivering results.

But don’t worry, almost every company is feeling your pain. That’s because only a handful of all business in any particular market are capturing the majority of all online traffic!  Stay tuned, and we’ll take you on a short journey that will show you how investing into your businesses online marketing can help you create an “unfair” marketing advantage.

Over the past year, the Simple SEO team has had the privilege of working with Extreme Entertainment DJ Services, a small business in a relatively competitive market.  A lot of their competition were clearly working with SEO companies and had developed a respectable online presence.  The owner was faced with the same problem that many other small businesses owners across North America have to face.

How do you make your business seem different, and how do you make it grow?  

To be fair, for a typical DJ business, there isn’t much you can without the help of an expert that will make you stand out. So the owner came to us with his problem, and in six months we can proudly say that we’ve managed to double his websites traffic, and increase his bottom-line by an average of $8,000 a month!

Want to see the proof right away!?  Here is a snippet of two months of sales directly from Extreme Entertainment’s new website, directly resulting from our help with their online marketing efforts:

Gigbuilder Revenue

Brief Background

The DJ business is very competitive.  Any and every teenager with a couple speakers and a turntable from Future Shop thinks he/she is suitable to DJ a wedding.  With this in mind you need to realize that finding a DJ isn’t particularly hard, and that really everyone has a friend or a friend of a friend that’s a “DJ”.

What we’ve just depicted actually describes the dilemma that almost all non-professional industries have to deal with, in one way or another – so there’s no better time than now to figure out how you’re going to stand out and not fall into the trap of being average and making no money.

Increasing Visitor Contact 

Simple SEO’s primary solution was to focus on maximizing two areas of Extreme DJ’s online presence.  The first area was to convert a higher percentage of traffic into customers, the second was increasing traffic to Extreme Entertainment’s website.  Secondly, increasing traffic to Extreme Entertainment’s website is a no brainer.

Improve Efficiency Using Gig Builder

Let’s get down to the details shall we? A good place to start is the biggest change Simple SEO made to Extreme Entertainment’s website, the implementation of a custom online event management system called Gig Builder.

Gig Builder is software that you can use on your web page that allows you to manage your office, or organize events.  It allows customers to go through a very quick, simple, automated booking process that lets them check your availability and then book and pay for events.  It also notifies the owner of the business of all the activity through email, keeping the owner up to date on all bookings and necessary info.

Showcasing Important Information

Changing the layout of the website so that potential customers could easily find Kyle’s phone number, check event dates, and send him a message greatly increased the percentage of visitors who contacted him.  In addition, getting customers to interact with your site makes them feel comfortable and far more likely to continue with the booking process instead of simply returning to Google and finding another company…  your competitor!

SEO and Online Advertising

As with all websites, ranking at the top of Google’s search for important key words drives more visitors to your website than any other method will.  With Extreme Entertainment, we decided to revamp the company website, start a new blog, and use exclusively white hat strategies that would slowly bring Extreme Entertainment to the forefront of Google’s search results.

Determine the Most Important Keywords

DJ Keywords

Proper Structuring of Website Front and Back End

The two main areas of SEO that need to be addressed first are relevancy and popularity. Relevancy is concerning the actual website itself and ensuring that the selected keywords are relevant throughout your website in the eyes of Google.   This will include things such as adjusting headings, titles, content, links, and various other aspects of the website that we deemed valuable to the Google search.

The second area, popularity, is essentially determined by seeing how many other sites reference your name and content. The more likes, inbound links, click-throughs in Google search, page views, and social interaction a webpage has the higher it will eventually rank on Google.

Generating New Content

Through activities such as blog posts, social media activity, and direct interaction with other websites we were able to get Extreme Entertainment to the front page, within the top 3 results for nearly all search terms that were initially identified.

See the chart below for an idea of the exposure Extreme Entertainment now receives from its targeted keywords.

Increase Rankings for High Traffic Keywords

DJ Search Engine Visibility

Facebook Advertisements

It’s very beneficial to advertise on social media as you can draw in customers with engaging photos.  You can target customer demographics that are directly related to your business.

Focus On Reaching Your Target Audience

For example, Extreme Entertainment is able to target engaged couples, between the ages of 18 and 35 with 25 kilometres of the Ottawa region.  Since this is Extreme Entertainment’s target demographic, they don’t have to worry about their ads being wasted on those they aren’t likely to be doing business with.

Higher Google Rankings + Targeted Ads = More Traffic

This results highly targeted views and a substantial number of daily clicks to the website. The beauty of this is that it results in a high conversion rate and a personalized sales funnel. 

More Traffic + Conversion Optimized Website = More Leads in your Inbox

DJ inbox leads


More Leads = More Sales!

gigbuilder money

Great Return On Your Investment 

The result of all the work with Gig Builder, SEO, and paid ads ended up providing dividends of a large magnitude for the customer’s bottom line. He has extremely measurable investments into marketing through paid ads, and is able to see just how much each dollar of advertising is getting him in extra sales.   At the end of the day, Extreme Entertainment is now a highly successful business, and a leader in the Ottawa DJ market, all thanks to choosing an appropriate online marketing strategy and a hardworking owner with a clear vision of his goals!

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