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  • Analytics Setup and Management

    Google analytics is a powerful tool, when used correctly. It allows you to track traffic, set goals, and gather valuable information about your customers and visitors. Unfortunately it can be a daunting task to properly set up Google Analytics, with the on page portions and the goal conversion setting. You could sink hours of your time into setting up it up, and you could still end up with useless or the wrong information. Here at Simple SEO we have Google Analytics experts who can set up, and maintain your Google Analytics account for you, ensuring accurate and relevant information on your website. We can optimize your Google Analytics, making sure you take full advantage of the information that’s available to you.

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Four Ways We Optimize Your Google Analytics Account

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  • Proper Setup

    Setting up Google Analytics properly takes time and experience. Google Analytics can provide a wealth of information, but tracking it can be difficult. Here at Simple SEO we have Canadian experts who can set Google Analytics up properly, and efficiently saving you valuable time and money.

  • Conversion Goals Setup & Management

    Creating, implementing and managing your website’s conversion goals on Google Analytics can easily be the difference between gaining valuable information on your website’s traffic and wasting hours of your time to gain inaccurate information. An expert can set up your goals for you, ensuring their accuracy and relevancy.

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  • Monthly Reports and Suggestions

    Once your Google Analytics is properly set up, Simple SEO will provide you with monthly reports on traffic, relevant online information, customer information, and suggestions with how to improve your online presence. We sort through the immense amount of information available to you and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions to help your business grow.

  • Traffic Source Insight and Info

    One of the most important sources of information provided by Google Analytics and associated tools is the insight into your customers. Google provides you with a vast amount of data on your webpages visitors such as their demographics, how they found your website and much more. Simple SEO sorts through, and provides this information to you with suggestions on how to improve on existing traffic, where your websites weaknesses are, and other vital information you need to properly profile your customer base.

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  • Analytics Setup

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