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    Google+ is an excellent way of increasing local traffic to your website.  With a properly set up and maintained Google+ Local Business Page, your business can gain a valuable position on the first page of Google when people in your area perform a related search.  In addition, your business’s location will appear on a map to show potential customers exactly where you are located.

    So why is your business not set up yet?!

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  • Benefits of Google+ Optimization

    Having a well optimized Google+ page will lead to more mobile searchers contacting and visiting your business.  In addition to all of these great features, Google+ also provides the following benefits:

    • Securing a Google+ spot on the front page of Google allows you to increase your sales and grow your customer base
    • It allows customers to review your product/services, which is vital for gathering feedback and increasing your business’s credibility
    • Using Google+ has a positive SEO effect on your website, as Google values usage of their own social media platform

    If you are interested in this long term investment in free traffic using a Google+ Local Business Page, please contact us today to find out more!

    Did You Know?

    Did you know that 50% of all internet searches are performed from mobile devices, and this percentage is steadily increasing?  Each Google+ listing has “one touch” options for searchers to call, get directions, or visit your website; these features make it very convenient for potential customers to get in contact with your business.  This special feature is exclusive to Google+ pages, and is very effective for catering to the large number of mobile searchers.

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