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    Hiring an online marketing consultant may be a good idea for an established company that is looking to grow their online presence. For larger companies, it is often most efficient to have an external organization guide your online marketing efforts, but not necessarily manage them.  When working with one of our consultants, our main goal is to put you and your team in the drivers seat, and make sure you are well positioned for long-term success.  Follow along below and we’ll show you how things are structured.

  • online marketing consulting

Learn to Harness the Power of the Internet

  • Establish Baseline

    Before engaging in any marketing effort it is important to establish a baseline report.  A baseline report should establish unbiased metrics for all data that may be relevant during the new marketing campaign.  For online marketing purposes, this report includes key metrics like: in-depth keyword positioning, social media presence, network of referring sites, page rank, visitors, and conversion rate.  It is also important to ensure that your company is using all of Google’s available tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.


    baseline marketing report

  • marketing consultant report

  • Competitive Analysis

    It’s time to figure out what will be involved with becoming number 1!  With that being said, the easiest way to become a leader is to figure out what the competition is doing, and do it better.  Within a fairly high level of detail, our Canadian team can determine what will be needed to position your company for long-term success.  At this point, we can give you a reasonable idea of what will be involved, and how to best spend your available resources to efficiently grow your online presence.

  • Set Goals & Educate

    Once you know what you need to do to outrank your toughest competitors, it’s time to set goals, right them down, and refer back to them regularly.  Our consultant will make sure that your team is laser focused on the work that matters most.  With your companies goals in mind, we will prepare an in-depth written guide for your reference and will even come in and deliver a heads-up presentation teaching your team everything they need to know.


    goals and educate

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  • Execute & Measure Results

    As you implement your new online marketing strategy, it is important to stay focused and stay up to date with the latest in online marketing best practices.  Also, remember the baseline report we made and the goals your set?  Now is the time to see how successful you’ve been with implementing your online marketing efforts.  At this point in time, it may be necessary to have another in-person meeting to make any necessary changes or adjustments to your initial strategy.