PPC/Paid Ads

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    Pay Per Click is more complex and time consuming than the average business owner thinks.  Creating a great ad requires eperience, A/B testing, and an in-depth understanding of what actually determines how much you pay and where your ad will be ranked.  It is easy to throw money away using PPC if you do not know how to use it, that is why Google offers newcomers big incentives to try it out.  Hiring a PPC expert will save you time, money (yes it will cost less with our help for the same or better exposure) and will reduce the risk of spending money on campaigns that may be mismanaged.

  • ppc management experts

Google Adwords

Simple SEO’s Canadian PPC experts will setup and initiate your campaign to greatly improve your website sales.  Our team will first complete any necessary on-page changes that are required to maximize conversions, a crucial step that many of our competitors skip.  Then we will create your campaign and continuously monitor, adjust and improve your ads to get you a great ROI!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are often a cheaper alternative to Google Adwords, and for some industries they provide a great ROI.  Our expert Canadian team will create and manage your campaign to ensure you are reaching your advertising goals.

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