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    Making sure that your companies website is found online is an essential component of any small businesses marketing strategy.  Search Engine Optimization is a detailed process that your business should be paying attention to on an on-going basis. Of all online searches, 90% of clicks go to websites that rank well organically and 10% of the clicks go to sponsored ads.

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  • If you think there are keywords that people are commonly using to search for your business, you should considering optimizing your site to be found for those keywords.  Ranking well for high quality keywords is the best valued advertising that most businesses can capitalize on. Simple SEO has well trained Canadian professionals that are friendly to work with, and would be excited about the opportunity to work with your business.  Once you’re are ranking well, you’ll wonder how your business survived before engaging in quality SEO services!

How Do We Get Your Business Better Visibility? 

  • Step 1: Create Engaging Content

    Creating engaging content is the most important step for driving customers to your website, as well as keeping them engaged once they get there.  It is well known that Google’s latest updates put a strong emphasis on quality content that is relevant to your businesses field of expertise.  Our SEO services include both on-page and off-page content creation, all with one purpose – driving more customers to your website.  Our Canadian content creation team is composed of university educated individuals with a variety of backgrounds including engineering, business and arts.  You can be confident that the content we write is written professionally to reflect your businesses field of expertise.

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  • Step 2: Conversion Optimization

    After we make sure your website has top quality content, we begin to work with you to ensure  that the structure and flow of your website gives you the best chance to capitalize on a visitor and turn them into a customer.  This involves optimizing for things like ease of navigation, intuitive structure, and asking for the close when your chances are the greatest.  Another great feature of conversion optimization is heat mapping.  We use a tool that tracks where people click the most, where they scroll to before changing pages and even where their mouse moves as they navigate your page.  These insights allow us to spruce up your content when it is attracting very little attention, and move the items that are getting a lot of attention to a spot that gets you the highest return on investment.

  • Step 3: Quality Inbound Marketing

    After building quality on page content and optimizing your conversion ration, the final step to sustainable SEO is to drive more interested traffic to your website!  This is an involved process that includes things like building industry related back links, increasing visibility though citations, submitting to relevant directories, creating new website content and building and implementing custom social media strategies.  Monthly reporting is extremely transparent, and you can expect to receive ranking reports that clearly show where you are ranking now, as compared to the previous month(s).  The strategy we use for your site is of the same quality we use for our own site, so you can be sure that you will never jeopardize your potential for the best possible online exposure.  If you’re new to SEO, schedule a meeting with one of our team members and we’ll be happy to help you get started!

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