• Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization helps your website get be found near the top of search results for keywords relevant to your field of business.  Search engine optimization has become a bit of a buzz word as people realize the value a well optimized website can make it easy to attract new customers.

  • Web Design

    Website design is the fundamental element for representing your business online.  A well designed site should be able to tell customers exactly what you do as well as help you attract more business.  Our websites are designed for whatever purpose you need, and are always a great investment.

  • PPC Services

    Pay Per Click marketing can be a very quick way of attracting new customers to your website.  You will find PPC ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  If you are looking for a way to drive immediate traffic to your website, check out our PPC services and see if it can help your business.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Marketing consulting is a great way to make sure that your using your companies resources where it matters most.  Our online marketing consultants are very friendly and very helpful when it comes to identifying successful marketing strategies that fit your companies advertising goals.

  • Google+ Optimization

    Google+ optimization can be almost as important as SEO these days as more and more people are finding businesses through local business listings.  Having a properly optimized Google+ page goes hand in hand with your overall SEO strategy, and can often generate nearly free web traffic.

  • Google Analytics Management

    Google analytics is a powerful tool, when used correctly. Here at Simple SEO we have Google Analytics experts who can set up, and maintain your Google Analytics account for you, ensuring accurate and relevant information on your website. We can optimize your Google Analytics, making sure you take full advantage of the information that’s available to you.

  • Photography

    Photos are an important part of any website, especially photos of employees. Here at Simple SEO we offer professional photography services to make sure the photos on your website are high quality, and that they convey the brand image of your business. A good photo can add authenticity and professionalism to your business, and your website.

  • Content Writing

    Website content writing, and article writing is critical to the success of any online marketing plan. Our local Ottawa content writing team is capable of writing a wide variety of content, on a wide variety of topics. There is no substitute for quality content writing, whether you need new writing for your website or articles to boost your search engine optimization.

  • Web Support

    Simple SEO provides all of the online support services that a business needs. Our team ensures that your website runs smoothly, and that any changes you want are done in a timely and professional matter. Websites are responsible for a growing percentage of business in Canada meaning your business needs web support you can count on.

  • Social Media

    Our Canadian team prides itself on optimizing your efforts to acquire followers, and therefore customers across multiple social media platforms. We coordinate your blog posts, facebook profile, twitter feed, and any social media platform of your choice to provide your followers with a unique, coherent online presence.