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    Your website represents the  quality of your business to potential customers.  Having an attractive and professional website is extremely important to portray the level of services you offer.  Just having a beautiful website isn’t enough though, your website needs to be set up to convert visitors into business leads and sales.  Canada based Simple SEO creates websites that are designed around your customers’ needs and making it easy for them to contact you.  A conversion optimized website will lead to a large increase in sales and provides you with a fantastic ROI.

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The Simple SEO Web Design Process

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    • Free Consultation

      We will meet with you to learn more about your business, and how you generate customers, and your website.  This important step allows us to determine how you use your current website, and how your new site will be able to add value to your business.

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    • Determine Website Requirements

      We will examine your current website, and provide you with recommendations based upon how you wish to use your new website.  From this analysis, we make sure your website is user friendly for both you and your customers.

    • Initial Homepage Design

      We will create a homepage draft to give you an idea of how the site will look.  Our Canadian team values any input you have to provide us with moving forwards, to ensure you love the final product!

    • Content Development

      Our team will let you know what we will need from you for the website, this could include images and/or text.  While you are providing this, we will continue working on the website layout.  As you send us necessary content, we will add it onto the website, which is now approaching completion!

    • Final Website Review

      Once all of the content is inserted into the website and it is laid out beautifully, our Canadian team will have you review it and suggest any final changes.  These changes will be implemented until you are completely satisfied with it!

    • Website Launch!

      The last step is making the site live and replacing your old site.  Your customers will be pleasantly surprised the next time they visit it!  Since we always have conversion optimization in mind when creating websites, you will likely experience an increase in customer leads!  Enjoy your new website!

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