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  • Web Support for All of Your Online Needs

    Simple SEO provides all of the online support services that a business needs. Our Canadian team ensures that your website runs smoothly, and that any changes you want are done in a timely and professional matter. Websites are responsible for a growing percentage of business in Canada meaning your business needs web support you can count on.

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Full Web Support When You Need It

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  • Posting Content to Your Website

    If you have a promotion running, or need content posted to your website, Simple SEO can quickly make any changes you require. We react quickly to all of our clients requests and can quickly edit any content on any of your websites pages.

  • Migrating Websites & Troubleshooting

    Part of our web support package includes any website migrations or troubleshooting issues your website could run into. Simple SEO will work directly with your website’s host to quickly have your website back up running smoothly as soon as possible. Our technical team can quickly fix any issue, with absolutely no wait time on your end. We keep our support lines open so you’re never on hold when your website is down, and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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  • Quickly Add New Features to Your Site

    If you want any new features added to your webpage or a change to its layout we do this for you as part of our web support package. Websites are constantly changing and improving to stay relevant, and we can save you money and time by having our experts efficiently making any changes you want.

  • Rapid Response 24/7

    Simple SEO works hard to make sure our Canadian support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly and efficiently help all of our clients, whenever they need our services. A downed website can cost businesses a tremendous amount of money when they go down, making our fast response the best way to protect your business.

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